Monday, 13 June 2016

What Makes Successful People Different from Others

Five Elementary Yet Exceptional Success Tips:

Billionaires have it all! They are widely famous, generally stylish, exude oodles of confidence and class, every other person vies for their attention, and most of all, they are filthy rich. They can buy almost any material object, right from something as common as a hairpin to something as rare as a lunar rock. You might sometimes find yourself wondering whether or not you can ever be financially carefree enough to buy a worthless extraterrestrial object. What makes these billionaires so different from us in the first place? What unique trait do they possess that we don't? Have all the billionaires accidentally stumbled upon the ever evasive holy grail of success, or is it something that anyone can achieve? The secret lies not in the answers of these questions, but deep within you. You've known it all along!

Here are five ingredients that make a billionaire soup out of layman debris, at the satiating realization of a passion, an unquenchable hunger for knowledge, a deliberate ignorance of when to quit, a rebellious attitude, and immense self-belief.

Wisdom path

#1. Passion drives you a long way:

The first requirement itself prevents you from simulating the life or mannerisms of some billionaire. For instance, Bill Gates realized his passion for computer programming the first time he laid his hands on the machine. But it's not necessary for you to harbor an interest in this technological marvel in order to become a billionaire like Gates.

Almost all the fields of study are being financially well-rewarded today. There's no need for painters to starve, writers to strive on rats, and physicists to die with heaps of repute and empty pockets. You can find at least one billionaire in almost every area of interest. So, if you daydream about lolling around in a roomful of gold without a realistic passion to back you up, you are building castles in the air. Just breathe for a while, think carefully about where your interests lie, and work your way towards those.

#2. Fill your half-empty brain with relevant information:

The first point does beget the second, but I'll be better off mentioning it anyway. Now that you are passionate about something, you will eventually start acquiring knowledge regarding the same. The hunger for more knowledge will be exigently born within you, motivating you further still.

#3. Quitting is not an option:

What have you achieved so far? Primary education? High schooling? Graduation? Appreciated. But did you know that it is easier to quit than go through the process of academic education? Still you grinded to bag the certificate safely tucked inside your interview file. You didn’t quit. Then I see no reason to quit now. And anyway, it's your passion that you are pursuing. So, you will find quitting much harder than persisting with the work this time around.

Look at it this way. Time and again, you have been advised against addiction. But believe me; getting addicted to your work is a much better experience than getting stoned. Perseverance is as crucial a trait as is undeterred genius.

#4. Prepare yourself to swim against the tide:

Well, not exactly. But you are bound to face some social hindrance if you are intent on joining the billionaire club. You may have hit upon an entirely new idea in the trade sector to make big bucks out of. It is not necessary that everybody will embrace that idea with open arms. These cynics will eventually start providing some form of resistance to your plans.

You need to storm through these barriers in order to emerge victorious and decidedly successful. It may not be essential, but it is common to break at least one social norm in order to become a billionaire. This degree of gumption and audacity calls for paramount belief in your idea as well as that in yourself, which brings us to the last requirement.

#5. Behind every billionaire lies not a woman, but tremendous self-belief:

A self-concocted revolutionary idea may be the ultimate motivation, but without an unflinching belief in that idea, it is utterly worthless. Such magnanimous, valorous, and indomitable belief stems from the fact that you have all the facts in place, and the zeal and sagacity for trial and error. It takes a moment to conceive an idea, but many more to entrench it in the human mindset.

That is when self-belief comes to the rescue. It will help you mold the minds of others, and pick you up whenever you fall. An idea is certainly the key to success, but belief is the prime notch that makes the piece of metal a key in the first place. So don't ever, not even once, part ways with belief.

Pearls of wisdom

Implementing these five tips will assuredly make push you towards success. However, skipping even one of these points will break the chain and you will be left with nothing. What chain, you might ask? In a way, these five tips are interconnected. Say that a particular field of study has grabbed your interest. This newfound passion will, in itself, drive you to acquire more knowledge on the subject. This exhaustive knowledge will inadvertently force you to think logically, eventually giving rise to an idea. This idea, which is backed up with sufficient knowledge, will lend you the strength and the attitude of a proficient rebel, leading you to the much-needed self-belief. Finally, all these qualities achieved will never let your interest in the field wane, guiding you against quitting.

These tips may seem to be quite simple to execute, and they are; but lumbering impudence early on in the journey won't take you far. There is an infinitesimally thin line separating confidence and overconfidence after all. Wish you good luck with your endeavors.